Post-launch Post: Audreys Books Edmonton


I didn’t manage a single pic of my own. I have to admit: I was too busy chatting with the wonderful readers and friends who came out to celebrate with me. Thank you, everyone, for your time and your support. It was truly special for me that you made time in your busy lives for my party.

And thanks, too, to all the beautiful readers and friends who messaged me to send their regrets. Although I was disappointed, I truly appreciated you thinking of me in the midst of all the things going on in your lives!

I’ve had some people say they’d like to purchase a copy from me directly, in the interest of helping an indie author make a bigger profit. Thanks so much for even considering that part of what I do! I’m going to presume upon your goodwill to make a request…

If you’re here in Edmonton and area, please consider buying my novels at Audreys Books. You’re absolutely right; I make a little less per copy that way. However, I’m a staunch believer in building and maintaining community and one way to keep supporting local authors like me is by supporting local bookshops—like Audreys.

Also, if you choose to take that on, please consider posting on social media a photo of your purchase and tagging both me and Audreys Books. That helps to raise our respective profiles in that arena. It’s an intangible benefit, as far as being able to draw a direct line to more sales, but I think it makes a difference nonetheless. It’s one part of how we keep out literary community thriving.

As well, if you’d like to further support me and my work, please post an honest review on Amazon for me:
(This is a listing of my work available via

Honestly, I don’t expect all of my reviews to be 5-star; I want my readers to be free to express their opinions about my work, in a civil and respectful manner. Plus, posted reviews make a difference to the “discoverability” of my work. It allows my stuff to reach more potential readers, who, I hope, will also post and talk about my work—and so on and so on.

While the economics of book publishing now necessarily involves Amazon, this word-of-mouth is invaluable for me and other indie authors in all other online and offline arenas, too. So, please consider signing up for my Readers Group (via and consider forwarding my send-outs to others you know who’d enjoy what I do. Please consider telling people, in real life and online, what you think about my work.

I know you all know this already. But I don’t think I’ve ever directly made this request of you before. I do it now, with gratitude and humility.

As always, I feel so blessed to have readers like you. Without you, my stories remain still and dormant. With you, they get to soar.

Thank you!

Much love,

In case you scrolled right down to the end, here are my suggested actions to continue supporting me and my work:

* in the Edmonton area, purchase my books at Audreys Books
* snap a pic of your new purchase and post on social media, tagging me and Audreys Books
*post reviews of my work on Amazon:
*sign up for my Readers Group and forward my send-outs to readers you know who’d like my stuff

I don’t expect you all to do all of these; I truly don’t. Please consider which you’re most comfortable with and please do those.

Okay, so thanks to fellow Edmonton author, Janice MacDonald, there is one nice photo of the party at Audreys. Consider it an action shot.