I Heart Winnipeg


So, the plan was to write up my time in Winnipeg, linking all the other authors I met and read with; highlighting the reading series that took me there, and the huge indie bookstore I read at; talking up the workshop I presented…etc. etc. etc. You know, just the regular business of following up public appearances with continued marketing efforts and relationship building.

But, I gotta be honest. I’m about to start on a second draft and that’s where my head and my heart are.

So, I’ll keep it short:

Thank you, Chadwick Ginther! You are the BEST ghost tour guide EVAH. I love you, man.

Thank you, Samantha Beiko! Loooooove youuuuuu! Can I be you when I grow up?

Thank you, Sherry Peters! You made me feel so at home. *forever hugs*

Thanks, McNally Robinson Booksellers! (The only store in Manitoba that stocks my books; just sayin’.)

Thanks, ChiSeries! Keep being amazing, you and the mothership.

Thanks, readers who came out to the beautiful evening reading and writers who spent their Sunday afternoon with me in my workshop!

I’m incredibly blessed to belong to this huge supportive artistic community. Love you all.