SG Wong’s Crescent City is a fictionalized “Chinese Los Angeles,” in an alternate history where China established a city colony at the start of came to be known as the gold rush. In addition, SG Wong adds the elements of ghosts and magic, making them normal parts of everyday life. Not every City dweller is haunted; not everyone can perform magic—but no one’s surprised when it happens.

The novels centre on Lola Starke, a gwai (non-Chinese) PI with a trust fund and a contentious relationship with her unwanted ghost, Aubrey. The novels start in 1934. Some of the short stories happen earlier; some later.

The short stories are an expansion on the City and on Lola’s circle of family, friends, and acquaintances. For the Crescent City short stories, SG Wong chooses to focus on characters that are involved, or have been mentioned, in at least one of the novels. Lola is referenced in some manner in each of these short stories.

Novels: Die On Your Feet In For A PoundDevil Take the Hindmost

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