Calgary Expo 2016


SG Wong will be at the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo, aka Calgary Expo.

On Friday, April 29th, SG Wong will be moderator/panelist for “Tracking the Heroine’s Journey.” (2pm at Palomino AB; see mini-map below). SG Wong is excited to lead the discussion with co-panelists Suzette ChanKrista D. Ball, and Karin Weekes.

They’ll be taking as their starting point, elements from this article on Using the Heroine’s Journey in Narrative. The panelists come from varied backgrounds in video game creation, novels, non-fiction, comics, and pop culture, so expect interesting conversation and intelligent musings.

From Thursday April 28th until Sunday May 1st, when she’s not roaming the program rooms for intriguing panels and presentations, SG Wong will have a presence in the exhibitors hall!

She is teaming up with local Calgary publisher, Tyche Books, which offers bold speculative fiction reads of all kinds. Along with Tyche authors E.C. Bell, Krista D. Ball, and Simon Rose, SG Wong will be at booth 1410/1510 in BMO Halls ABC (see mini-map below or click here for full online version). There will be books for all ages and in all shades of fantasy / science fiction / alternate history. On Thursday, we’ll have an opening night promotion: 20% off all books PLUS a bonus ebook with purchase of 3 or more books.

Look for the banner “Out Of This World Books”!